Forbidden Nights Strip Group

Lewis, 26 – from East London: singer and main cast

1) What’s the most fun you’ve had with your clothes on?

That’s a hard one! Life’s more fun, the less you have on! But I would probably say the only thing that comes close is singing on stage – but if you come see the show, you’ll find me singing topless which is a win win!!

2) Describe yourself in three words?

A loveable, irritating prankster! 


3) What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve had with Forbidden Nights?

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We were messing around backstage and we found some long socks/stockings that someone had thrown on stage. I decided to put them on – why wouldn’t you Forgetting that I still had the stockings on, I got ready for the next number. It wasn’t until after the trouser rip that the girls and then Billy politely pointed out I was still wearing them. Very embarrassing but I think I rocked them – maybe inspiration for a new stockings number.

4) Have you ever been caught naked in a situation you weren’t stripping, If so elaborate?

I lived in Portugal for a while when I was younger and decided to go skinny dipping one night with a group of friends. I took the plunge first, only to find my friends had run off with my clothes – it was cold and lonely walk home but I’m pretty sure I livened up some of the locals’ evenings! 

5) Do you have a nickname for your trouser-snake?

The Hammer of Thor.