Forbidden Nights Strip Group

Ollie, ageless – from the stone-age: main cast and pole act

1) What’s the most fun you’ve had with your clothes on?

What are clothes?

2) Describe yourself in three words?

Laid back but motivated.


3) What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve had with Forbidden Nights?

shop dildos for gay sex

It wasn’t me, but one of our previous performers had toilet paper stuck to his bum… It was amazing. He never lived it down.

4) Have you ever been caught naked in a situation you weren’t stripping, If so elaborate?

I stripped in Trafalgar Square fountains and got escorted off by security. Apparently they frown upon that!

5) Do you have a nickname for your trouser-snake?

I’ve heard it being called ‘oh my god’ before but not personally nicknamed it.