Q1: What is your first memory of TRADE?
When I was 18 I was set to DJ in Stockholm but due to passport issues, I was stuck in London at midnight with no money. My school friends were all going to the Trade 10th Birthday and I had nowhere else to go! Laurence generously put me on the guest list but I was refused entry at the door!!! I was carrying my record box and an overnight bag with me too. After a short wait I was allowed in and I had the wildest most memorable night of my life!!! I was completely, absolutely hooked. I’d never seen anything like it being straight and from the North!!!

Q2: What is your most embarrassing TRADE moment?
Going to the toilet mid way through my set! I was playing the 11 minute long ‘Show Me Love’ by Fruitloop at the time and coming back to the DJ booth to realise the door code had been changed. After a mild panic the lighting technician came back just before the record had ended. I quickly grabbed Never Lost His Hardcore and started it at the ‘This is not over yet’ sample which saved the day!

Q3: What is your ultimate TRADE anthem?
NRG’s ‘Never Lost His Hardcore’ – the Baby Doc Remix

Q4: Why do you think TRADE has stood the test of time in club land?
Trade has an unrelenting hedonistic attitude and atmosphere that you can’t find anywhere else. Coupled with the way everyone is equal, the progressive music policy and stunning visual identity with stunning artwork plus Laurence’s exquisite taste in all areas nothing comes close.

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Q5: What are you most looking forward to at the forthcoming TRADE Birthday?
Playing my pumping set to a crowd of wonderful people and sampling Trade anthems through modern tracks, which I love doing for the Trade crowd.

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Q6: Who is the most famous person you have kissed at TRADE?
HRH Laurence Malice!!!

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