With Trade’s birthday celebrations around the corner some of the regular DJs tell us what they enjoy most about the club night.

What is your first memory of TRADE?
It was 1996 and I had just moved to London. I had heard a lot about this party, and I got quite curious, but as I didn’t have any gay friends in the city I had to check it out on my own. I remember that, as I got in, it was like descending into Dante’s inferno; I suddenly found myself squeezed between a multitude of sweaty bouncing bodies. I could barely see around me because of the smoke. The music was quite dark and fast, but incredibly exciting. I felt a bit out of place and overwhelmed at first, but after an hour or so I was completely absorbed by it.

What is your most embarrassing TRADE moment?
I remember feeling very embarrassed when people kept coming up to me asking if I needed some drugs or if I was bored, as I was always standing in a corner without dancing; actually I was enjoying the music pretty much, I was in my own world, but sometime I wished I was invisible .Things changed with time, but it took a while!

What is your ultimate TRADE anthem?
Celvin Rotane ‘I Believe’, Force Mass Motion ‘Pulse’ and Play This House’ Hard House Mix by Bum Bum Club.

Why do you think TRADE has stood the test of time in clubland?
Because of its uniqueness. I saw a lot of clubs in my life, but nothing quite like Trade!

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What are you most looking forward to at the forthcoming TRADE Birthday?
I’ve always been a big fan of Egg London as a venue, and even though I miss Turnmills a lot, I think it’s the perfect place for such event! I’m also really looking forward to playing there..it’s a dream come true!!

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Who is the most famous person you have kissed at TRADE?
I’m not into celebs…lol:-)

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