Piers Morgan is one of the hosts of the daily morning show, Good Morning Britain and famous for his direct and frank questioning… but there’s one question that people are asking, is Piers Morgan gay?

Is Piers Morgan gay?

Piers Morgan, 52, has a frank manner about him and his line of questioning is often seen as frank and intrusive, which is,  no doubt down to his long-term experience working at some of the world’s most prominent and powerful news outlets including, the Daily Mirror, the Sun and CNN.

In 1991 Pier Morgan married a woman called Marion Shalloe and together they have three sons. However, the couple divorced in 2008 and he remarried his second wife, Celia Walden – a newspaper features writer and columnist. So, it appears that Piers Morgan does not identify as gay.

However, Mr Morgan has been, at times, a strong vocal advocate for the gay community and was very critical of Tim Farron during the 2017 General Election for the Lid Dem leader’s inability to answer questions over whether gay sex was a sin or not.




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During 2008 there was a debate on American TV as to whether Piers was gay, a contestant on the US version of Celebrity Apprentice alleged that Piers Morgan was in the closet, because he had asked fellow contestants to take their shirts off during tasks. This caused the then Apprentice boss Donald Trump to ask the question, “You’re calling Piers a homosexual? “I wonder what he thinks of that?” He asked Piers to reenter the board room.


Piers, however, fanned the flames, by kissing a 6 foot 7 Cowboy, Country singer, Trace Adkins in front of the cameras saying, “I’ve always loved a beautiful cowboy” as a joke.

It’s fair to say Trace looked less than pleased.