The Labour party has suspended Jared O’Mara, pending an investigation over alleged homophobic and misogynistic comments.

Labour suspends MP after homophobic comments

Following on from revelations over MP Jared O’Mara’s forum messages posted over a decade ago, which were misogynistic and homophobic, the Labour party have taken action to suspend the newly elected MP for Sheffield Hallam.


The MP unseated the former Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg in this year’s general election.

Mr O’Hara had issued an apology over his misogyny but failed to mention anything about his homophobia which included a message sent from an account which was allegedly his, in which he said he’d thought it would be funny if jazz singer Jamie Cullum was “sodomised” to death with his own piano.

The minister had been serving on the Women’s and Equality committee but he resigned shortly after the messages surfaced.


Speaking to BBC News the shadow chancellor John McDonnell said,  “There will be a full investigation by the Labour Party and then, as a result of that, a final decision will be made about his future.

“New information has come to light, so quite rightly the Labour Party has acted swiftly. He’s been suspended, the whip has been withdrawn.”


Following on from the forum messages,  a former partner of the O’Mara, Sophie Evans, 25,  alleged he was abusive and transphobic. They dated seven months ago.


Ms Evan alleges that O’Mara used sexist language and “transphobic slurs”

Speaking to Daily Politics she said,

“There were some transphobic slurs in there . . . he called me an ugly b*tch,”


“I just thought ‘Wow, he’s not a very nice man’ and just forgot about it.

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“He never apologised to me or my friends that were involved. He has called us liars in the press, he has been on radio and called us liars.

“I just find it very, very hard to believe that he has changed.”


Mr O’Mara “categorically denies”the allegations.

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