A number of murders have happened in recent years where the victim or victims were introduced to their attacker via a gay dating app.


Stephen Port



Anthony Patrick Walgate, 23,

Gabriel Kovari, 22,

Daniel Whitworth, 21,


Jack Taylor, 25

Dates: from June 2014 to September 2015

He was found guilty of the murders of Anthony Patrick Walgate, 23, Gabriel Kovari, 22, Daniel Whitworth, 21 and Jack Taylor, 25. Their bodies were dumped in or near a graveyard in Barking. The graveyard was 500 meters away from his flat in east London.

Jason Marshall


Victim: Peter Fasoli, 58

Date: 7th January 2013

Jason Marshall was found guilty on Wednesday, 9 August at the Old Bailey in London, for the murder of 58-year-old Peter Fasoli. He was also sentenced to five years’ imprisonment for arson, to run concurrently.


The jury heard how Marshall set up a rendezvous via a gay dating site with Mr Fasoli at his Ealing home and tortured him for a prolonged period before suffocating him. He then committed arson in a bid to hide the evidence of the brutal murder and stole his victim’s credit card using it to flee by plane to Italy a few days after the murder.


Ben Bamford

Victim: Paul Jefferies, 52


Date: 23rd February 2016

Ben Bamford, 18, was found guilty of the murder of a 52-year-old man he met via the gay dating app, Grindr. Mr Bamford who was 17-years-old at the time of the murder unleashed a vicious attack on Paul Jefferies, reportedly a tax advisor to George Osbourne, who lived in East Sussex.


Stefano Brizzi


Victim: Gordon Semple, 59

Date: 1st April 2016

Stefano Brizzi killed a serving police officer he met on Grindr was found guilty of his murder and disposing of his body by dissolving it in acid and other horrific means.


Stefano died in 2017 at the Belmarsh prison.

Kelly Schneider

Victim: Steven Nelson, 49

Steven Nelson was robbed, brutally beaten, stripped and left for dead after he arranged to meet someone for sex online in Nampa, Idaho.

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Four men were charged with robbery and murder.  Three Nampa residents, Kelly Schneider, 22, Kevin Tracy, 21, Jayson Woods, 28, and Daniel Henkel, 23 were arraigned in Canyon County court.


Peter James Lund (Attempted Murder)

Victim: unnamed

In December 2016, Lund travelled to Manchester to see a man he met on a dating app and spent the evening with him, after taking him to a Chinese takeaway in his silver Jaguar.


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