AS Reports emerge of an organised march for marriage equality in France the hashtag #MariagePourTous (MarriageForAll) trends high in France.

Hundreds of people have taken to twitter to tweet their support and pictures for the marriage equality bill which President Hollande has said he will introduce into French law.

One Twitter user, Katia ‏@AbsolutelyKatia tweeted:

MARCH today in Paris! It’s about the fundamental rights this country is so proud of: liberté, egalité, fraternité. #mariagepourtous


Hundreds of people have responded to the call to publicly demonstrate their support for the marriage equality bill.

The French bill which establishes marriage for all was subject to mass protests two weeks ago, when a reported 340,000 people turned up on the street of Paris for ‘La Manif Pour Tous’ (Demo for all)

Supporters of the bill have asked the President not to yield to the pressure of the opponents and maintain the establishment gay marriage under the law.

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