Christian People’s Alliance leader Sid Cordle has called on the United Kingdom’s Christians to demonstrate against gay marriage.

In an interview with Huffington Post, The Christian People’s Alliance’s new leader and former Tory councillor, Sid Cordle, said his party had plans to “give a voice to angry Christians” taking inspiration from Muslim demonstrations and the anti-gay marriage protests in France.


Although refusing to state how many members his party has, Cordle made claims that they will have a candidate in every constituency by the next general election – and will come out “all guns blazing.”

His comments come just a week after anti-equal marriage demonstrators filled the streets of Paris, France, for the Manif Pour Tous (Demo For All) which was rallying against President Hollande’s forthcoming marriage equality bill.

He rejected a possible collaboration with the Muslim community for his anti-gay marriage demonstration calls, claiming that “…many of them want to use this legislation as a way to bring in polygamy, to let a man marry four wives. This debate has sprung up in other countries after they brought in gay marriage. We are certainly not on the same page as the Muslim community on this issue.”

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Members of the UK Parliament will vote on the Equal Marriage bill, which was introduced by Culture Secretary Maria Miller just this past week, on the 5th February 2013.

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