1st August 2012 0 By Chris Bridges

This is a story with a difference, about two star crossed lovers.

Lukas is twenty years old, new in town and harbouring a secret which he can’t bring himself to share with anyone apart from his best friend Ine and his on-line friends. Lukas soon launches himself onto the bars and clubs of Cologne, indulging in parties, drinking sessions and alcohol fuelled nights in clubs. When Lukas meets muscled hunk and Alpha male Fabio a strong attraction develops between them. The film follows an erotically charged path as Fabio and Lukas try to discover if love can really conquer all or will their differences result in disaster?

The film carries a strong message about gender identity, masculinity, femininity and sexuality. That’s not a euphemism for dullness as this film is far from that. It’s definitely not your average boy meets boy love story but actually makes the viewer think about their own prejudices and attitudes. The character of Lukas is one of a sweet vulnerability coupled with an insecure masculinity whilst Fabio struts around dripping with testosterone and attitude (and an amazingly hot torso). The two leads are also both very easy on the eye and portray the sexual tension between the couple to perfection.

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Overall this is a well paced film which portrays both courage and confusion. It makes you stop and think about what identity means for people in a world of androgyny, drag kings and queens, shifting gender roles and differing sexual identities. Any film which manages to broach difficult subjects whilst still being entertaining has got to be worth a look.


Romeos is showing as part of Pout Fest gay and lesbian film festival at venues across England and Ireland throughout August