Liberal Democrat MP becomes the first MP to identify as pansexual.

“Last year I fell in love with a wonderful woman” is how Lib Dem MP Layla Moran chose to describe her decision to come out as pansexual on Twitter.

The MP for Oxford West and Abingdon wrote on Twitter that she was “happy” and that the beginning of a new decade was the perfect time to start on a new path.

She published a picture of her and her partner. The post was met with a mainly positive reaction, receiving over 16,000 likes and nearly 900 retweets over a few hours.

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Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton and Hove congratulated Layla, saying, “Great photo! Really happy for you, congratulations x”

What does pansexuality mean?

Pansexuality, might not be on your radar as much as homosexuality or bisexuality, but its all-inclusive nature has got people falling in love with the sexual and romantic orientation that is pansexuality – which is, essentially hearts, not parts – you fall in love and lust with the heart of someone, not just their biological sex or gender expression.