A new survey of nearly 500 men has found that nearly half of them find wearing condoms uncomfortable because of sizing issues.

A survey which asked 466 men about their condom habits found, worryingly, that nearly half (44.42 %) of men found wearing a condom uncomfortable and despite this discomfort had not try condoms of a different size. Sixty Nine per cent had never experimented with a different sized condom.

Speaking about the survey results Cary James, Terrence Higgins Trust, Head of Health Promotion, said:

“The results suggest that most guys probably spend more time thinking about their wardrobe than their condom choice – but the right condom fit will feel much better than any pair of jeans. Using the right condom not only increases pleasure, but also reduces the chance of it breaking or slipping off during sex.

“The days of condoms being one size fits all are well and truly behind us, and we want everyone to feel the difference using the right condom can make. The ‘Fits Me’ tool not only helps people find the right condom but also gives them the change try those condoms either for free or at a discounted price.”


THT have launched a new campaign called FITS ME QUIZ which aims to find the right size condom. After the quiz, users are offered a free condom sample of the size that fits you the best.

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