It’s probably fair to say that there’s no love lost between MP Caroline Lucas and Katie Hopkins.

Caroline Lucas took a swipe at Katie Hopkins that even Mariah Carey would be proud of.  Taking to Twitter, Caroline swiftly put Katie in her place after a Tweet which insinuated that Caroline only wanted to deny President Donald Trump entry from the UK because, “he’s straight and likes cheeseburgers”.

Katie told her Twitter followers that Caroline spoke for “vegan lesbians of Brighton” during a Common’s debate yesterday on whether an invitation to President Donald Trump to visit the UK should go ahead.


Caroline was quick to correct Katie by saying,

“Lesbians. Vegans. Bi people. Gay people. Trans people. People of colour + everyone else! It’s Modern Britain @KTHopkins, get over it.”

Katie couldn’t resist reiterating,

“You wanted to deny Trump a state visit because he is straight and likes cheeseburgers? Get a grip”

Caroline, who the MP for Brighton, simply answered,

“U OK hun?”

Which people of Twitter basically loved… They responded like this:

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