We’re not bi now gay later…

You wouldn’t think that in 2018 myths about bisexuality would still exist… but oh boy do they! We asked readers who identify as bisexual what comments gave them complete attacks of the eye roll and oh boy did the myths come rolling in… So listen up peeps – take note – these are the myths that we need to destroy in 2017!

Why do gay men take the attitude that bi is just a transitional sexual status … the whole “bi now; gay later” attitude?


That I want to have sex with everyone. Yikes, and ick NO. We’re not sexual Velociraptors FFS.


That bisexuals only like cis men and women. I’m a bi and trans man, and that tells me is that the speaker doesn’t view me as an actual man, or sees bisexuals as inherently genital focused, or both.



That we get laid than more people.


The idea that we will eventually “pick a side” and become either straight or gay.


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That bisexuals are oversexed and can not have a monogamous relationship.


We’re not a god-damned trend. This is our life, respect that.


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You can still be bi- even if you’re in a hetero or gay relationship


We don’t have to 50/50 either way. It’s cool to be 70 more attracted to the same and 30 & the other way… Still bisexual!


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