You can call him a white guy, but you can't call him cis... got it?

Once again, the team at GMB decided to tackle Trangender issues following on from JK Rowling’s new book, Troubled Blood about a crossing dressing killer.

Over the weekend, the author’s new book stoked a huge backlash on social media, with #RIPJKRowling become a worldwide trend, after transgender activists took issue with the book’s concept.


Piers and Suzanna were hosting a debate on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday morning, about the public’s reaction to JK’s new book and who should have the right to write about books where the main character was transgender.

GMB booked Benjamin Butterworth (again) to speak about issues surrounding identity politics (because clearly there’s no one else to talk to about transgender issues…) and was answering a question on whether Piers would be able to write a book about a transgender killer, which Benjamin thought might be a problematic concept.

When pushed by Piers to see if it would be okay for him to write about a “person like me” doing all the killing, Benjamin answered, that there were a lot of “cis, rich white men…”


This is when Piers pushed back on the language used by Benjamin saying, “I’m not cis. Don’t call me cis. I’m a white guy. Just call me a white guy.

“Cis is language you use that I don’t even understand.”

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We’re not entirely sure why Piers Morgan gets so upset up about gender politics, especially as he does (or has, we can never keep up) identify as a penguin.

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