It's after her partner proposed during lockdown.

We do love a lockdown love in and that’s apparently what happened to Skin, when her partner proposed to her during the lockdown, what’s more, she let it slip by accident on a podcast, saying, “I think you’re the first person I’ve told. Oops!”.

She made the slip up on the Danielle Perry podcast show, Elevenses. Speaking about relationships the singer shared,

“I think that your partner has to really be your best friend too because that’s the person you spend so much time with. Especially in lockdown. Lockdown has been a real test of a relationship.

“A lot of people are like ‘Wow, we really didn’t get on and that was the end of that relationship, because I realised after two months of being in lockdown that we’re not the same people.’ And some other people, like me, got engaged and stuff like that”.

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Who is Skin’s partner?

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Although she didn’t confirm the identity of her partner Skin said, “my partner, a lady” and said it was the best relationship she’d ever been in.

Previously she was in a civil partnership with Christiana Wyly until they split in 2015.

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The singer, who is 53 this year, rose to fame during the 90s as the singer for rock band Skunk Anansie

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