These guys share why they are strict bottoms

“My ass has EASILY brought me as much pleasure as my dick”



While lots of us will settle with a “Vers” label there are some of us who will only bottom or only top. These self-identified bottoms, on a Reddit forum, reveal why they are strictly bottoms.

Delaying the O. I like bottoming for several reasons: first, the feeling, but secondly it lets me maintain control and delay my orgasm, because otherwise, I’d be pretty quick. I also really enjoy turning a guy on and pleasing him, so all combined makes me a great bottom and a not so great top. Have the urge every once in a while, but it usually passes pretty quickly. VIA


Love the domination. I love the feeling as he slides inside and the feeling of being dominated by a guy and his dick. I also like the idea that the top is totally getting off knowing I want it him to do me. VIA

Bored topping. I love ass and I’ve had many guys want me to top them but I like a dick in my ass more than mine in an ass. I’ve tried both and I get bored topping because it doesn’t feel that good to me and every bottom expects me to cum from that which I just can’t. VIA

Big butt that brings the boys to the yard. I mainly btm because of my big… asset… It’s a big part of the physical attraction a top has to me… and some of the guys that have btm for me grab my ass and tell me they wish they had a big bubble butt like I do… also, since tops enjoy rimming me so much, I can’t really complain, it’s enjoyable and pleasurable and an ego boost when a top become subservient to pleasing my ass… which is kinda the opposite of actuality because it’s really two cheeks and a hole, but it’s as if they are trying to pleasure my butt instead of get their dicks off VIA


A different kind of orgasm. The sad thing is that some people look down on bottoms like they’re only in it to please their men and secretly it’s just always painful. So ridiculous. My ass has EASILY brought me as much pleasure as my dick, and it had a lot of lost years to make up for! yeah completely different kind of orgasm, and much better in my opinion. VIA

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Some of these answers have been edited for clarity and grammar.

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