kirstiecoolin / Pixabay

Nottingham‘s only dedicated LGBT+ club has sought to reassure its customers that they doing everything they can to keep customers and staff safe during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The club took to Facebook to say that all their staff were “fully trained on strict hygiene practices” and that there were “constantly checking for updates and further advice from the NHS and government”.

Club bosses also advised, “Antibacterial hand soap remains in our soap dispensers (and we have plenty of it!) so please do use it. You may find our team members wearing latex gloves on shift, so please do not be alarmed if you see us sporting the sexy blue gloves. This is our way of protecting you and us”.

It added, “In line with government guidance, WE REMAIN OPEN and welcome you to join us at Propaganda”.

Meanwhile in London, Jeremy Joseph, the owner of one of the UK’s biggest LGBT+ nightclub brands, G-A-Y blasted the UK’s PM, Boris Johnson, as a c**t amidst the current climate of uncertainty. He also said that the clubs would be closing for the foreseeable future.



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