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Jeremy Joseph has launched a blistering attack on the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, calling him a c**t over his response to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

In a social media post, blasting the PM, the owner of the world-famous G-A-Y brand wrote, “Boris Johnson, you are a c*nt”.

His outburst was in relation to Boris Johnson’s media briefing yesterday suggesting the general public should start social distancing, by not using pubs, restaurants and theatres but not mandating that those businesses close.

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In a Facebook post Jeremy wrote,

“Telling people to avoid pubs, restaurants & theatres but not closing them, in other words, unofficially closing venues but making sure Government isn’t liable for staff to get sick pay”.

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G-A-Y operates in four venues, three in London and one in Manchester.


Jeremy has decided for the time being to close all the venues saying, “I no longer feel comfortable being open, so G-A-Y will be closed until further notice”