The world of cinema can fire the imagination, especially when it comes to sex scenes.

The scenes you need to try…

The Call Me By Your Name Peach

This a relatively easy one to do and even better if you don’t have anyone to play with. Just grab yourself a peach and go to town. In Call Me By Your Name, Timothee Chalamet’s character, Elio, is seen “practising” sex with a peach and put his D in it, and eventually, well you guessed it, climaxes. (later, the guy he’s interested in (Oliver, played by Armie Hammer) eats it – that part is totally up to you, but why not!)

The Shortbus Threesome

The Shortbus threesome scene is probably one of the most graphic gay sex scenes in cinema history. Three guys, all incredibly hot end up having a threesome. There’s daisy-chaining, there’s rimming and there’s even using one guy’s peen as a microphone in order to sing the American National Anthem. Classic and Classy in one go.

The Brokeback Mountain Spit & Shove

Just the two of you, out in the wild, with nothing but a thin sheet of material protecting you from the elements. What you will need for this scene, is spit and that’s pretty much about it. The White Glove Bottoms among us will freak out at the impromptu nature of the booty call, but hey when in nature, do as nature does.

The Queer As Folk Rim

We can all pretend we don’t know what rimming is, to have our very own Stuart to show us how. It was right slap in the first episode of Queer As Folk on British Television in the very late noughties, which basically had the nation’s gays gripped from the outset. It’s just damn hot is all.

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The Champagne share in My Beautiful Laundrette

Nothing says “sex me up” like spitting a gob full of Champers into your BF’s mouth as you lay on top of him. At the time, this scene (it was 1985) was deemed pretty shocking and arousing in equal measure. We can we the attraction.

Have we missed any?