This is a sex position that involves anal sex and requires both a bottom and a top.

Have your partner recline flat on his back, legs together, and arms resting by his sides.

The bottom should astride the top, on his knees, facing away as though he’s about to do the reverse cowboy, and lower himself onto the top’s penis or strap-on dildo.

Once the bottom has fully accommodated the top, he should gently lay back, maybe using his arms to take some of his weight. Eventually, you should be able to lie flat on top of the top. You should try and get your limbs aligned. Ultimately the easiest way to think of this position is hugging your bottom from behind, but lying down.

A word to the wise, if you’re not both weight matched and your bottom is heavier than your top, you may need to use your arms to support his weight.

Basically at this point both bodies should be alligned together looking sort of like a snake(!) but of course not really.

This position is great for tight spaces and for an unexperienced bottom to control the top’s movement and thrusting power.

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Tops beware that your penis might need to bend slightly to accommodate this position.

Why you’ll love this position?

It's like having a hug from behind! The gay python sex position
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You and your partner are intimately connected, with so much skin to skin connection. The bottom has a lot more control in this position, so if you’re a top who likes to be dominated then this is the position for you.

However some couples might find that there is a bit of a disconnect between the two of you, because there’s no eye contact.

This position is also great if you’re both of different heights. It really doesn’t matter if your top is tall or short as there’s no standing! Win-win!

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