A 32-year-old man has been charged after a train worker was allegedly subjected to homophobic abuse.

British Transport Police have said that a man was charged with a hate crime after a train conductor was allegedly subjected to homophobic abuse on Sunday 4th Feb 2018.

The man appeared in court on the 5th Feb 2018.

String of homophobic incidents


There have been a number of homophobic reports in the last few months

In early December a man allegedly abused two women, and two teenagers were arrested following an attack where a young man was forced into a headlock and told to apologise for being gay.

In November, another man was “punched repeatedly” outside Charing Cross station, just a few hundred meters from one of London’s highest-profile gay clubs, heaven.


In September a woman hurled homophobic abuse at two men on a train between Havant and Pulborough, with one of the victims suffering an injury after the women threw a glass jar at them.

In September, three teenagers pleaded guilty to attacking two boyfriends on a train in Ealing. They were jailed for their attack.

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