If it’s swinging between your knees you could be earning nearly 30 GRAND less than a guy with a smaller dong

Good news for guys with smaller penises, you’re likely to be earning way much more than your bigger donged brethren, according to new research.

A new study by OneBuy.com found that guys with the smallest schlongs around 3 inches in length earned on average £30,000 more than those with the biggest, in this case, those who are swinging in at around 8+ inches.

Now, for clarification, the numbers of guys who admitted to having a penis size of 3 inches was just 2%, while 3% said they had a penis size over 8 inches. However, their earnings were vastly different.

Does penis size matter?

Well hung doesn’t mean well off

Guys who said they had 3 inches earned on average £58,000 while those who had more than eight inches earned around £27,000.

Men with an average size between 5 and 6 inches earned between £36,000 and £32,000 respectively.

Oh, and most guys who measured in smallest worked in banking and finance, (7%) while the bigger lads most likely worked in the arts (5%).

Smaller guys get promoted more?

Getting promoted more

According to the research guys with smaller dicks also had more promotions at work with at least 2 advancements in the last year for those just measuring between 3 and 4 inches. Guys who packed more than 8 inches only had 0.5 promotions.

OnBuy.com surveyed 997 men across the UK asking them their penis length, job role and salary. OnBuy were then able to assess the data and see correlations between penis length and salary, as well as which job sectors had the highest proportions of large, average, and small penises.  

Have you ever measured your penis?

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Small penis guys are winning at life

Remarking on the find, Sexpert Jack Devon said, “It’s really interesting that guys with smaller dicks are winning when it comes to the office, the research might suggest that they work harder to impress their peers and bosses with their work efforts, compared to guys with bigger cocks.

“One possible explanation is that guys who have smaller penises can often feel inadequate, because of pressures from the media and porn to have a large appendage, so maybe they feel they need to make up for it in other ways. Regardless, when it comes to penis size, it really doesn’t matter what you have between your legs. After all, your brain and imagination are the only limits when it comes to the bedroom.

“There are loads of ways to enjoy a smaller penis and don’t forget everyone actually wants an anaconda when it comes to sex. There are even some guys who lie about their larger penises because they felt fetishised

What is the average penis size?


Did you know there’s a different average penis size for most countries around the world and the difference between the biggest penis and the smallest penis is just a couple of inches? However, the average dick size worldwide still comes right bang slap in the middle of those two numbers.

The longest average erect penises are apparently in the African country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo who’s men are packing an average of 7.1 inches (18.03 cms) and the smallest apparently are in North Korea with 3.8 inches (9.65 cms)

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The UK came in at exactly 5.5 inches (13.9 cms) for the average schlong, while the USA came in at 5.2 inches (13.2 cms), according to the research.

The average girth according to research by the British Journal of Urology International is 4.3 inches (10.92 cms).

Those figures were come to (no pun intended) by studying the cocks of around 17,000 men.

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