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Thinking outside the box... Literally.

Now, let’s just start by saying, having a micropenis is totally okay, you shouldn’t feel shame, or be shamed for having a smaller penis. The problem isn’t you, it’s more mainstream media and porn which tends to centre big dicks or link big penises to heightened masculinity. Like that’s the answer to everything? It really shouldn’t be and there are many upsides to having a smaller cock and there’s a small penis festival too… But with that said, many guys and their partners or even potential partners can feel that it’s a physical and mental block to their relationship. So what do you do if you or your partner has a micropenis (and you want to do something about it)?

First off, let’s discuss. What is a micropenis?

Did you know the average size of an erect penis in the UK, is between 5 and 6 inches? Yep, so if your member isn’t hanging somewhere around your knees, don’t worry, you’re in good company, it’s the same for nearly every other guy in the UK – in fact, the world.

A micropenis is classed as a penis that’s half the size of the average size, so from around 2.5 inches when erect, but can be smaller than that. It is a recognised medical condition and doesn’t have a cure, per se. It affects just 0.6% of the male population and shouldn’t be confused with someone who has buried penis syndrome or someone who is just smaller than average.

So how can you overcome having a smaller penis?

There are a number of ways where someone with a smaller than average, or micropenis can still fulfil their sexual desires and their partners. Most of it is actually in the mind rather than below the belt.

Here are some ideas.

Not everything has to be penis centric

Himeros explored ways guys could explore sex beyond penetration.

Sure, most sex between men focuses on the penis with an end goal of climaxing, but there are many other ways to enjoy a sexual connection without someone’s penis being this centre of attention. In their video, “Connecting The Dots”, porn studio, Himeros explored ways in which to deepen sexual connections (NSFW), without necessarily going to penetration or oral sex. There’s also massage to explore as well as tantra to try out.

Then there’s prostate play, rimming and frottage (that’s the rubbing of genitals – also explored in the Himeros video) There are so many possibilities.

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What positions work for a smaller than average penis?

If you or your micropenis boyfriend is a top, you can look at different positions. Many guys who have a micropenis can find it hard to actually penetrate, but there are some positions where you can achieve penetration. One of which is with the receptive partner on his back with his pelvis raised. Raise his legs behind your head (or as near as they can get). This position leaves the ass open and exposed. Positions like the doggie is a little more tricky, because the bottom’s butt will act as a cushion, but if you simply pull your cheeks apart your exposed hole is much easier to get to! Don’t forget that there are loads of nerve endings around the opening of the butt and you won’t hear any complaints from a bottom if you’re concentrating on just that area!


You can always open up the idea of introducing toys to the bedroom. If you’re both into butt play, then this is a good call, regardless of penis size. In fact, it can take your penises right out of the equation. With a dildo, you can go as big as you want. Plus, you won’t need to worry about how long you can last for – the play can go on and on as you both explore the options. You can both have fun working your way up to sizes you never dreamed of.

Sleeves, strap ons And extenders

Have you heard of penis extenders and sleeves which increase the girth and length of the wearer’s penis? The wearer of a sleeve can literally double, triple or quadruple their size. Simply slide the penis inside the strap on or extender and let the magic commence.

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Again the introduction of an extender or sleeve involves a conversation to be had between the two of you. These sleeves allow heat and feel to transfer right through them, allowing for an incredibly realistic feel.

Lets start celebrating bodies and penises in whatever size or shape they come in.

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