So does size matter?

To one guy, in particular, peen size does matter – his. Apparently, his size means that when he puts it in his profile he only really attracts “size queens”.

The confession arose on Reddit when a guy who described himself as an average looking guy attracted various people to his profile because he is “bigger than average down there.” The forum is called, Big Dick Problems – yes guys who have penises that are too large have their own forum. It has over 50 million members (no pun intended).

In a post he called, “Do any of the gay guys on this sub misrepresent their size so they don’t get size queens on Grindr?” he revealed,

“I never send fully hard pics via Grindr because (1) the surprise for them sounds fun, but (2) I don’t really want some size queen to just hop on it even if they think my face is ugly or average.

“Also, I’m talking to a petite guy right now and am afraid that if I send him a dick pic, he might think it’s too big.

“Thing is if I show my dick – everyone wants to hop on (unless they don’t like foreskin) if I show my face I scare 99% of them away”.

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The post caused a bit of puzzlement amongst the forum users who asked whether if the point of apps like Grindr was to find a hookup and that penis size was an attraction to get some guys to respond quickly. One user added, “I usually put my dick size in the f*cking headline; the whole point is to have somebody on my cock as quickly as possible.”

Another big hitter added, that putting your d size on your profile was a good way to ensure that hookups signed up with full knowledge, “rather than getting it out and deciding they can’t handle it.”

They don’t deserve you

One user consoled the original posted by adding that size queens didn’t deserve him, adding:

“Listen man sounds to me like these superficial queens don’t deserve to enjoy your schlong but also fuck them (literally and figuratively), you have something a lot of dudes want and you should enjoy it. I have 100% hooked up with guys dramatically more attractive than me who would never look at me in a bar because they wanted some dicking”.

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So have you ever had an issue where your d is too big for someone or have you had a hook up with somebody who was just too darn big?



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