First dates, they can be the makings of a fresh new romance or your very own horror movie. Okay, so that might be a bit of an overstatement, but they can certainly make or break the chances of a potential future with someone. As unfortunate as it might be, these scenarios – whether they play out good or bad for the individual – are one of the very few things that tie us all together.

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There’s a reason first dates are nerve-wracking but follow these ten steps and you’ll be sure to make a lasting – and outstanding – first impression.

(You can thank me after the third date.)


10 – Think Outside The Box

There’s no need for dinner and a movie to be the only potential first date option. Get out of your comfort zone and do something a little different to leave a lasting impression on that special guy.

9 – Dress To Impress

Put away that ancient Tee and actually button up to be remembered. The right guy’s going to be worth that extra effort. Iron that shirt, polish the shoes, and don’t forget to run a brush through that hair, it’ll be worth it in the long run.

8 – Have Fun – But Not Too Much Fun

There’s nothing wrong with a little Dutch courage, but make sure to remember where the line is. Much like you will want to remember the date, he probably doesn’t want to be babysitting a stumbling drunk so maybe keep it to a four-drink maximum.

7 – Don’t Do ALL Of The Talking

Dates have a way of including two people for a reason. Just try to remember that it’s not all about you, no one likes a loudmouth whose favourite topic is himself, so ask some questions, and make him feel like the center of attention every now and then.

6 – Find Some Common Ground

It doesn’t matter if it’s music, movies, or your mutual love for sausage … dogs. Once you find something you completely agree on the conversation will start flowing without any effort at all. It’ll always give you something to fall back on too.

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5 – Cover The Fun Stuff – But Leave Out All The Rest

Unless it’s especially important to the both of you, it might be best to avoid anything political or even remotely controversial. You’ll have enough time to cover your stances on Brexit, Gay Rights, and the Pro-Life movement, so let’s not use up all the fun topics on the first date.

4 – Be Witty.

Think Tina Fey, not Chandler Bing. The class clown is all well and good in small doses, but no one wants to be stuck on a date full of constant one-liners and immature observations.

3 – Avoid All The BURNING Questions

Top or bottom? STD Free? Much like the politics, you have more than enough time to find out these things about one another. While the answers might sway you one way or another – I’m not going to judge what’s important to you – those issues can definitely wait a few dates.

2 – Leave It On A Good Note

Like Mama said, “No one’s gonna’ buy the cow if you give the milk away for free.” This one will change from date to date, and person to person, but judge the situation well and leave it in a way that both of you will be happy with.

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Lips were made for more than talking, after all.

1 – Be Yourself

It’s cheesy and overused, but it really is the most important thing to remember. You need to find someone who likes the real you, and there’s only one way for them to get to know that awesome guy.

Remember, confidence is sexy.

About the author: Dan Coleborn
Southern Based. Fine Art Grad. Almost Writer. Almost Artist.