TheGayUK and 56 Dean Street, the popular HIV and sexual health centre in Soho, are pleased to announce a brand new venture to bring sexual health information to your desktop, tab or Smartphone.

Sexually transmitted infections are on the rise which means that the traditional methods of communicating messages about safer, better sex aren’t getting through. The Gay UK with 56 Dean Street have created an online sexual health clinic, whereby readers can submit their sexual health related questions confidentially to one of the countries most advanced clinics. A selection of questions will then be answered via the online magazine.

“I really feel strongly about sexual health matters,”


said Jake Hook, co-founder of The Gay UK.

“There are too many new STI diagnoses in the UK, including HIV which has seen the biggest new infection increase since the 80s. The message isn’t getting out. We wanted a creative, new campaign to build an online column whereby anyone who has access to a computer, Smartphone or tablet can get the information they really need, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Jake Jenkins, Nurse Specialist at 56 Dean Street said:

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“Some people may find it difficult or embarrassing to ask questions or come to a sexual health clinic. That’s why 56DS and TGUK have come together to provide free confidential advice. Everyone deserves a safe and enjoyable sex life. We are here to help not to judge.”


The column which will be answered by specialists from the UK’s most popular sexual health clinic will be unveiled on Saturday 1 December to coincide with World AIDS Day. The online magazine will also have links and click throughs to all necessary resources including an online directory of NHS sexual health clinics in the UK.

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