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Ugandan politicians are slowing the momentum against this bill – by spreading the lie that they’ve removed the gay death penalty. In a global briefing with All Out yesterday, Ugandan activists Frank and Kasha told journalists around the world that the bill has not changed. They asked that we keep spreading the word to fight the bill.

Right now, we need to cover Facebook, Twitter and every friend’s inbox with the news that this bill is still deadly – but we can stop it. Will you share the petition everywhere?

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Every time you share and tweet a new friend will see the truth. All over the world, we learn news through our friends and our social networks – this is our chance to make the news, not just read it. Spread the word that the gay death penalty still exists in Uganda’s bill and ask everyone you know to spread the word too.

Uganda’s parliament was just shut down for five days. We have an unexpected opportunity to build support, during a critical time to stop the bill.

shop dildos for gay sex are looking for 250,000 signatures against this proposed law in Uganda.


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