There’s a new naked gay dating event, but only if you’re under 35

There’s a new naked gay dating event, but only if you’re under 35

“No 23-year-old wants to meet a 55-year-old man” –  said the event’s host.


A naked gay dating event in London, which seeks to mimic Channel 4’s hit show, Naked Attraction, by getting a room full of naked guys to check each other out completely naked before getting to know each other is due to happen on Valentine’s Day. The event however, which costs £20 to attend, is only open for 23 to 35 year-olds.

On arrival to the event, the organisers have said that men will be given dressing downs to undress into, they will then line up facing each other and reveal themselves to each other – organisers have said that participants can reveal as much or as little as they wish.

Once you’ve exposed yourself it’s time to put your clothes back on and “the fun begins here as you get to mingle, chat and flirt with the gorgeous bunch of guys you’ve just seen naked”.

efes / Pixabay

“No 23 year old wants to meet a 55 year old man (as much as the 50+ men will make you believe they do!)”

When THEGAYUK reached out to ask why the dating age was only up to age 35, the host of the event, Rob, a former police officer, told us, that the permitted age was limited to just millennials. As it’s a dating event, he said it had to have age groups. However, the website,, where you can buy your tickets for the usual event, does not offer any other age groups, at this time.

“It’s a dating event and dating events have age groups,” Rob who is 32, according to the website, told us before adding, “No 23 year old wants to meet a 55-year-old man (as much as the 50+ men will make you believe they do!)”

So there you have, check out the latest event, there’s only one planned for now, but the organisers have said they’ll run groups for older people in the future.



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