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To shave or not to shave

One Twitter user has called upon all bottoms to stop shaving their asses; well, as you might imagine people have thoughts. The viral Tweet, has now been viewed nearly 500k times and has over 200 comments from those who agree with the sentiment and those who are appalled by the idea of not shaving their bums.

The Tweet reads, in all caps, “BOTTOMS PLEASE STOP SHAVING YOUR ASS”.

One user noted that he waxed because it made him feel more confident, suggesting that having a tidy hole made bottoming easier and made them feel much more confident, while another added that he wasn’t shaving for no man.

Another user wanted bottoms to shave because he was afraid that “berries” might be lurking we suspect he’s talking about what we like to call “chumber nuts.” Yep, that’s when a person gets poop or toilet paper stuck in the hairs around their butthole.

Do tops actually like a hairy hole?

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One man shared that he had never met anyone who liked his hairy butt and that he always gets asked to shave.

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But one person, perhaps the voice of reason within this whole (pardon the pun) said, “Bottoms should do whatever they want to and not listen to tops.”

However, one Top, did suggest a compromise saying, “I like smooth. I like hairy. But if I can’t even see the skin of your crack because of the hair that’s too hairy for me. Trim it for me please? It’s also easy to keep yourself clean, doesn’t clog up my shower drain, and I don’t have to flush pubes out of my teeth.”

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Of course, we had to get to the bottom (this time the pun was intentional) of this trixy question. Do tops want hairy or non-hairy butts. We obviously went full scientistic on this and conducted a Twitter survey.

You can see for yourself there’s a clear winner…

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