This is how you can have a threeway and still be on lockdown

How is your 3-way game? Stats show that most gay men and lots of gay couples have had a threesome at some point, and obviously, with lockdown restrictions hindering the hookup scene, we were interested to discover that you can actually still get the feel of a threeway, even when there’s just the two of you.

Davey Wavey’s porn studio Himeros.TV recently released a scene between stars Dakota Payne, Taylor Reign and Calvin Bank’s realistic dildo… and we have to say it was hot AF.

The premise is actually pretty simple, in the video, the couple uses Calvin’s realistic dong (although it could be any dildo, (check out the range from THEGAYSHOP) to simulate a spit roast scenario, with the real guy at the front and a dildo attached to a fuck machine at the back.

Okay, okay, a fuck machine is the expensive but more realistic option – as the machine does the thrusting, much like a real person. However, if a machine like that is out of your price range, most dildos come with a suction pad on the base, so you can attach it to a wall or mirror if you want to get very kinky – and your bottom can do all the work – a pretty good work out too!

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Don’t forget if you’re using a sizable butt toy, (Calvin Banks’ dildo comes in at 7.75 inches) to use lots of lube. We’ve spoken before about how to play with big toys.

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