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An LGBT+ bar in Wales has said that a two-week lockdown enforced by the Welsh government “isn’t that bad” and has said that it made it through the first one and it will make through the next.

From the 23rd of October Wales will place all its citizens in a strict lockdown for 17 days in order to reduce the rising cases of coronavirus in the nation.

The bar’s owners added that they would do their best to keep all its clientele updated and revealed that they have planned a whole two weeks of Facebook Live shows, including a Halloween Special on the 31st October.

With reported cases of COVID-19 rising across the country, the devolved governments of the UK are permitted to enact whatever policy they see fit to bring the number of Covid-19 cases down.

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Back in March, the whole of the UK was placed in lockdown, about the only time that the UK, Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh government have had a coherent approach to dealing with the pandemic.

The economic fallout of lockdown has seen thousands of businesses close across the UK, with hundreds of thousands of job losses. There have also been some casualties when it comes to the LGBT+ scene. At least one bar in Wales has closed permanently due to the ongoing crisis, while another said that it would be closing indefinitely.

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Is there support for a National Lockdown?

We surveyed readers of THEGAYUK on whether they’d support a second “circuit breaker” lockdown. 58 per cent of readers said that they would support another lockdown, 30 per cent said they didn’t why the remaining 12 per cent said they were unsure.

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