In case you’ve been asleep for the last day or so, the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony took place last night. In amongst the usual song and dance of such an affair, something relatively insignificant happened: a person kissed someone.

This would usually go without comment, except for the fact it was two men; one of them being John Barrowman. I’m no massive fan of Barrowman’s attention-seeking antics, but even he does not deserve this delightful tweet from Twitter user @Looney_Ent: “This is disgusting, they should be burned alive. Commonwealth Games ceremony gay kiss #nohomo #nohomo #nohomo”

The Twitter community dove into action, reporting the offending tweet to Twitter and the Metropolitan Police. In the face of such backlash, and following warnings from the ever-delightful @FleetStreetFox, the homophobic tweet has been removed and replaced with a barbed apology.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t reach John Barrowman for comment.

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