Damn this year is going by quick! We are already in March and yes, that does mean that Winter has finally gone and Spring is finally here. This month’s feature is all about being fresh and walking into spring with a smile on our faces. Here are our Top Grooming Items for March 2019.

1. FIT Skincare: Moisturising Ultra Serum (£50.00)

Now if you’ve never tried a serum in your skincare regime before, then I definitely recommend you start doing so ASAP. Serums are generally more concentrated moisturisers full of active ingredients, that do work miracles for the skin. This one in particular from FIT Skincare is no exception. The lightweight formula sinks into the skin and visibly hydrates more than a moisturiser ever could. Since using this product, I have stopped seeing blemishes in my beard line and I can only presume, that this has something to do with it.

Available at: fitskincare.co.uk

2. White Glo: Diamond Series Whitening System (£15.00)

Remember when I mentioned walking into spring with a smile on our faces? Here’s the reason why. This 2 step kit from Aussie brand White Glo, has given me visible results in less than 2 weeks. I never had major discolouration on my teeth but like everybody, I am partial to the odd coffee and glass of Malbec. I said I was London’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw for a reason. What this kit does though, combines a whitening treatment with a daily dental regime. The whitening gel is used for 10 mins daily, to achieve a brighter smile without abrasion and then the White Glo® Professional Choice toothpaste locks this treatment in place while providing your daily dental care. You do have to use the product for at least a week, in my opinion, to start seeing visible results but when you do, it is definitely worth the wait. I have been shocking myself in the mirror with my new brighter smile!

Available at: Superdrug

3. Mr Vanguard: Vanguard Eau De Parfum (£64.99)

Another important aspect of stepping into spring is that ever important spring fragrance. Our pick for this season is Vanguard Eau De Parfum by Mr Vanguard. If you’ve never heard of Mr Vanguard before, they are an award-winning perfume brand from the UK, that pride themselves on the uniqueness and longevity of their fragrances. Having put this to the compliment test, yes I did see how many people complimented me on my aftershave for a week. I can safely say this one seems an all-around winner.

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Available at: mrvanguard.com

4. Rosalique: 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula (£29.99)

Now, this is one for anybody who has ever suffered from red and or inflamed skin. Yes, it’s one for us sensitive souls out there and will make our skin that little bit less sensitive. Rosalique is quite an ingenious product. It instantly covers redness with the green pigmentation, whilst protecting from UVA and UVB damage with SPF25 and then in the long term, it gently reduces redness within the skin. My advice here though is to only use a little product. The green pigmentation is quite strong and so this is definitely one to use sparingly. Once I got the quantity right, I started to see the results immediately and my skin has gotten less inflamed over the last month using this product.

Available at: rosalique.co.uk

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5. Kiehl’s: Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment for Men SPF19 125ml (£33.00)

Another solid product from Kiehl’s and one that has yet again been in my bathroom cabinet over and over. To put it bluntly, this moisturiser is hard to fault. It keeps your skin energised, hydrated and even controls oil production, keeping you shine free all day. Now, this was the original, they’ve now made it even better and added broad-spectrum sun protection to the moisturiser. Boasting a more than adequate SPF19, this moisturiser is ideal to see you through the Spring months. If you fall in love with it, as we’re sure you will and carry on using it into the Summer months, we definitely do recommend adding an extra SPF into your routine. It’s set to be another scorcher guys, say no to premature ageing and use an SPF daily!

Available at: kiehls.co.uk

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