We'd date him...

ChatGPT is pretty incredible and we’re always look at ways we can expand its gay horizons, so we asked it to write a profile for Grindr and what we got was kinda good… we’re thinking about using it.

So, imagine this next time you’re cruising… would you tap us?

Profile Name: Quirky Sub Bottom Seeking Adventure!

About Me: Greetings, fellow adventurers! I’m your resident sub bottom, ready to add some spice and laughter to your life. I bring a unique blend of sass, charm, and a penchant for adventure. Life’s too short to be vanilla, so let’s dive into the realm of pleasure and exploration together. I’m a firm believer in embracing all sides of my personality, including my cheeky and mischievous nature.


• Exploring the hidden gems of the city (and your bedroom)

• Binge-watching cheesy 80s movies (guilty pleasure alert!)

• Trying out new kinks and pushing boundaries (safely, of course)

• Hilarious memes and puns that make me snort-laugh

What I’m Looking For: I’m on the lookout for a dominant partner who can match my quirky energy and ignite our chemistry. Someone who appreciates the art of consent, respect, and a wicked sense of humor. Let’s create a safe space where we can explore our fantasies, experiment, and discover new heights of pleasure. If you’re up for the challenge, let’s dive deep into the exciting world of submission and create unforgettable memories.

Safe Words:

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• “Banana Split” (when things get too intense)

• “Tickle Monster” (for a little break and laughter)

• “Pineapple Express” (when we’re both ready to unleash the wild side)

Deal Breakers:

• Lack of communication and respect for boundaries

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• Taking life too seriously (let’s keep it playful!)

• Ghosting or disappearing acts (let’s have the decency to say goodbye)

Ready to embark on this tantalizing journey together? Shoot me a message, and let’s explore the uncharted territories of pleasure, laughter, and mutual satisfaction. Get ready for a ride you won’t forget!

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