The celebrity version of the hit real-life thriller continues, for Stand Up To Cancer.

All seven celebrities remain at large, but for how long? It’s a scramble for survival for Steph and Dom Parker, who believe the hunters are closing in after information is elicited from their manager.

As confusion over addresses abounds, the pair have a chance to make their escape, but only if Steph can pack up her bras in time. With the hunters’ social media campaign up and running, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran are the first to fall foul of the public’s hunger for cash rewards.

Model fugitive Anneka Rice makes her first mistake, by contacting an associate who the hunters already have in their sights, and Spencer Matthews walks into the hunters’ trap when they set up a sting operation targeting his girlfriend.


Series 1 – Episode 2  9:15pm – 10:25pm Channel 4