Unless you’re a new breed of human, if you’re gonna have anal, you’re gonna need lube. And lot’s of it.

You’re about to do the deed and your partner is just about to stick it in – what’s the best way of making sure you’re lubed and, more importantly, there’s enough of it?

So how do you apply lube?

Well, there’s two schools of thought.

The PreLuber: As a bottom or the receptive partner you can take control of the lube situation, by maybe putting some lube on or up your own butthole before you begin, perhaps as you’re getting ready – if you’re douching this might be the perfect time to do this after you’re done. Otherwise, the water inside you will flush away any lube.

Use your fingers to get some lube right up inside you and you’re sex ready!

Or you can buy, yes what a day and age we live in, a lube depositor, or lube launchers. Yep, there’s a device which can get the lube deep inside you. There are a number of different types from different makers. Check out the range here

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The Mid-flow: During the action, you can get your partner to start to apply lube to your ass during the foreplay. If you’re using flavoured lube, then he can also have fun whilst rimming you. Then when you’re ready to receive, you can cover your partner’s dick (condomed or without) with lube as you blow him or jerk him off. Make sure, though, if he is wearing a condom, not to use oil-based lube. Only water or silicon.

Once he’s in, you’ll probably need to get him out of you after a few strokes and use a little more.

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Or if you’re the topper, you can maybe play with your partner’s ass during foreplay and use your fingers to fully lubricate his ass. Either way, you’re going to want to make sure that you use enough – and don’t worry about stopping the action if you feel like you need more.

Remember more is more in these situations and it’s best to try a variety of lubes to see which works best for you.

About the author: Jake Hook
The editor and chief of THEGAYUK. All in a previous life wrote and produced songs on multi-platinum records.