We spoke with a number of adult stars who work in the adult film industry to ask the questions we were just burning to ask. One of those questions was whether bottoms earn more than tops in scenes

Who's paid more in gay adult films? The Tops or bottoms?

So, imagine if you will, you’re a bottom in a scene, you’ve got a lot more prep to do to make sure you’re ready for the scene and make extra special preparations so you don’t have an awkward accident mid-scene. We’ve been told that you have to be careful with your diet as well as keeping a healthy lifestyle. Mexican food is apparently the worst!

You’ve also got to be able to take a pounding for hours. One star told us that filming a scene could take up to five hours. Ouch.

So we put the question to those who identified as bottoms or versatile in the industry and asked whether they get paid more than their partners. Sebastian Evan who has worked for Blakemason and Brit Hard Lads, told us, “I always bottom and I ONLY bottom. And no, we do not get paid more”. Michael Lachlan agreed and added, “I don’t see why they would. The top has to put in a lot of effort and a lot of cardio into a sex scene it is actually very tiring”.

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Edwin Skyes added that it was pretty much a “myth” in the industry that a bottom would get paid for a scene.

Jonny Kingdom, who has starred in films for Blakemason and GuysInSweatPants.com elaborated on the payment for scenes, he said, “Most of us are self- employed and model fees are different for everyone”. However unlike the other stars, he also revealed that he does get paid more for being a bottom.

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So whilst most performers don’t get paid more for the role they take in the scene, it’s not unheard of that a star could get paid more for being a bottom.

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