Woman and girlfriend suffer homophobic abuse on Ryanair flight

A woman and her girlfriend say they were subjected to a frightening Ryanair flight from hell when a group of thugs started calling her “Dyke” and a “lesbo”.

skeeze / Pixabay

A woman and her girlfriend have yet to receive a satisfying response from Ryanair after she was allegedly subjected to homophobic and misogynistic chants from a group of men on a flight from Stansted to Seville on the 19th June. She accuses the airline of not caring about women or LGBTQ+ people.

Social Media Manager, Laura Muldoon described a horrific flight in which she says that a group of drunken men shouted, used profanity and homophobic slurs against passengers on the flight. Ms Muldoon said although she complained to the flight attendant at the time of the incident but they were unable to do anything about the behaviour.

She said that the men even started to blow up condoms and getting their arses out in front of other passengers. When she turned around to the men to complain, they apparently sent her a small bottle of wine to apologise for the disruption, which Ms Muldoon “politely refused” – that’s apparently when their behaviour turned sour towards Ms Muldoon.

At the time, Ms Muldoon tweeted a picture of the passengers she alleges were disruptive, which was retweeted thousands of time. She wrote, “First-holiday snap! Of this bunch of lads who chanted that I was a “miserable b*tch”, “d**e” and “lesbo” (very well observed!) on @Ryanair flight 12.27 from Stansted to Seville today”.


Although Ms Muldoon did complain to Ryanair over her ordeal via an online system, she tweeted that she had received a “generic” response from the airline, which stated that they were proud of their “high standards and professionalism” reached out to Ryanair for comment.

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