These are fake.

According to Doctor Hilary on this morning’s, Good Morning Britain, Dr Hilary warned against buying into a scam, which sees fake kits being sold for £20 which allege to test for Covid-19, however, the doctor slammed these sellers as “scum” saying,

“There are a lot of scams going around. There is a lot of scum perpetrating scams selling £20 kits which are totally inaccurate and potentially very dangerous because they’re giving people false reassurance…”

Photo by geralt on Pixabay

The UK had scaled back its testing for Covid-19 with the Chief Medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty saying, on the 12th March that it was “no longer necessary for us to identify every case”.

However, it seems as though the Government is asking the NHS to ramp up testing amid concerns over the lack of capacity for testing within the community and for NHS frontline staff.


The NHS is expected to test around 25,000 patients who are already in hospital for the Coronavirus.

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As of 18th March, over 56,000 people had been tested within the UK of which 2626 were confirmed to be positive for Covid-19.