Hughie Big Brother favourite to win

Cheeky chappy Hughie is bookies’ favourite to win the current series of Big Brother.

Hughie Big Brother favourite to win
CREDIT: Channel 5


Irishman Hughie Maughanwho had a relationship with fellow housemate Ryan is the current favourite to win this series of Big Brother with bookies giving him odds of 2/5 to being crowded 2016’s BB winner.

William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said,

“Inside the house he is hated Hughie, outside the house it is Hurrah for Hughie,

“I cannot see him losing.”

CREDIT: Channel 5


Hughie has had some memorable moments on this year’s BB, infamously he flashed the rest of the house causing his on-air “boyfriend”, Ryan to have a meltdown.

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During his birthday, he had a visit from his mother, who told him that “everything” had been seen by the viewing public, including some rather suspicious fumblings that happened under the covers with Ryan.



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