Ollie Locke

Made In Chelsea and former Celebrity Big Brother star Ollie Locke has come out as gay.

Ollie Locke
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Ollie Locke, 29, who told housemates during his time in Celebrity Big Brother 2014 that he was bisexual, but had not slept with any men has come out as gay in an interview with The Sun.

The Made In Chelsea heart-throb confirmed the news after splitting with his girlfriend, Catherine Louise Radford.

Speaking with The Sun, he said he was now ready for his first relationship with a man, after he broke up with his ex-girlfriend.


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He told the newspaper that he’d prefer an older man in his late thirties to early 40s – and he should be a lawyer.

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In his interview he said,

“It’s the first time the viewers have seen me as gay instead of bi,

“I do say the words ‘I am a gay man’

“I lived with a woman last year when I was off camera and we had two dogs together,

“Then when we broke up in December, I thought, ‘That’s it now, I think I’m now gay’.”


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