American hunk Austin Armacost and his husband Jake Lees have called it a day on their marriage.


Celebrity Big Brother star Austin Armacost and his husband, Jake Lees, have split after nearly a decade together, with Austin saying that he still loves Jake, but their split is “best for each other”.


Jake Lees took to twitter to express his thanks for the support he’s received after Austin announced the breakup through a column on


In his column, Austin said,

“…It is with an extremely heavy heart I acknowledge that Jake and I are splitting up. Will we get back together? Will this just be a temporary split? These are questions that only time will answer.”

Austin also thanked Jake for being an “amazing man” and an “amazing husband” after almost a decade together. They first met when they were 20-years-old.

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He finished his column saying,

“I wish Jake nothing but happiness in his life. I want him to smile, laugh, live and love! What does the future hold for me? Never know.

“I am in no rush at all to download any dating apps or meet anybody. If somethings comes along, let it be.

“I am not out searching.”

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