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  • ANSWERS: Is David Dickinson Gay

    David Dickinson some could argue is the king of daytime television. His style and camp demeanor has gotten people asking whether or not he is gay. Well THEGAYUK has been doing some digging. David Dickinson, 73, is a stalwart daytime TV presenter and antiques expert. His flamboyant presenting style, his slightly eccentric camp dress sense […]

  • How Are Restaurants Rated On TheGayUK?

    To give you an insight on how restaurants are reviewed we have set out the following criteria. Overral impressions of the restaurant are given in a star rating format. ★ Critically wrong on every level. Avoid avoid avoid. ★★ Meh. Neither here nor there. ★★★ Good. Probably would go again. A few niggles here and […]

  • Where Did The Red Ribbon Come From For World AIDs Day?

    The strong, vibrant red, a symbol that has become synonymous with every 1st December, was designed in 1991. A decade after AIDs began its stranglehold, decimating communities, a coalition of 12 artists gathered to devise a plan to raise awareness for Visual Aids, a New York arts organisation which raises awareness of HIV. The 12 […]

  • ANSWERS | What Does The I In LGBTQI Stand For

    The LGBT initialism is ever growing as more and more letters are added. What does the I in the LGBTQI stand for? It stands for Intersex. Intersex stands for a sex variance between the binary of male and female, or Cisgender. Generally speaking, Cisgender people are those whose gender identity or expression conforms with their […]

  • Gay Marriage – The Fast Facts

    Same sex couples not in an existing legal partnership will be able to give notice of marriage from Thursday 13 March 2014, with the first marriages to take place on Saturday 29 March. Here are the key legal facts about marriage between same sex couples from Joanne Clark at law firm Lester Aldridge The majority […]

  • Which MPs Voted For And Against Gay Marriage In The UK

    Here is the full list of MPs and how they voted in the government’s same-sex marriage legislation. Opposed 136 Conservatives Nigel Adams (Selby & Ainsty) Adam Afriyie (Windsor) Peter Aldous (Waveney) David Amess (Southend West) James Arbuthnot (Hampshire North East) Richard Bacon (Norfolk South) Steven Baker (Wycombe) Tony Baldry (Banbury) Guto Bebb (Aberconwy) Henry Bellingham […]