A former Olympian and BBC presenter has come out as gay in the most chilled way.

Colin Jackson, 50, a former Olympic hurdler and now BBC sports commentator has come out as gay on Swedish television.


The 50-year-old came out in a TV interview with SVT reporters Kajsa Bergqvist and Peter Häggström. He had previously denied rumours about his sexuality when a kiss and tell story surfaced about him in the mid-noughties.

He said that he previously decided not to come out because he worried that the press would ‘sensationalise’ his private life.

The news was revealed on the Swedish series Rainbow Heroes because of what he described as their careful and “in-depth” choice of questions.


He told Kajsa, “The way you asked me, it was a whole storytelling kind of thing and you were just interested in the way it affected me sports-wise, emotionally-wise and my preparation.”

Bravo! Another sportsman comes out – shatter that sports cupboard/closet!




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