Time is up for Dan Wootton at the Daily Mail after the paper said it would investigate the former columnist.

MailOnline has suspended Dan Wootton while they conduct an investigation into recent allegations made against him. Wootton, who holds the position of executive editor and presenter of the GB News show ‘Dan Wootton Tonight,’ has been accused of paying for videos featuring sexual activity during his time as the former executive editor of The Sun and a showbiz journalist.


The allegations came to light after his ex-partner publicly disclosed them last month. As a result, his twice-weekly column for MailOnline, which he has held since 2021, has not been published since the allegations surfaced.

Not working for the MailOnline for the foreseeable future

DMG media, the parent company of MailOnline, stated that Wootton would not be working with them for the foreseeable future. A spokesperson for the company confirmed that they are taking the allegations seriously and are conducting an independent investigation into the matter.

The investigation is also being pursued by Wootton’s former employers at News UK, where he served as a celebrity journalist for over a decade.


Wootton has not directly addressed the allegations, but on his GB News show, he described them as part of a “smear campaign” on social media by “nefarious players with an axe to grind.” He acknowledged that, as a journalist, he is uncomfortable being the subject of the story but asserted that his show maintains no spin, bias, or censorship.

Wootton, known for breaking the story of Megxit while working for The Sun, has been a presenter at GB News and a columnist for MailOnline since leaving the tabloid.

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