Dead gendering is when…

Deadgendering is when someone refers to a person with the wrong gender pronoun or refers to a previous gender identity which that person has since denounced. It is similar to deadnaming except you are specifically referring to their previous gender identity rather than their previous name.

Referring to a trans woman as “he” saying “him” or “his” or a trans man as a “she” or “her” is misgendering. Also saying someone is AFAB or AMAB is a form of deadgendering.

Is deadgendering offensive?

It can be considered deeply offensive to some trans people – especially if the deadgendering is done with malice or deliberately. It can also be done by mistake by someone who is unsure about how another feels about their previous gender being public knowledge. It’s always best to ask someone how they feel and let them discuss their own identity if they wish to do so.

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