DILEMMA | I’m scared that I’ll fart during anal sex

This week a reader reveals that he’s concerned about passing wind during anal sex.

is it nornal to fart during sex

Dear TGUK,

I’m worried about farts during sex. I’m still a butt virgin, meaning I’ve not had anal sex yet as a bottom, but I’m worried that I might fart, which seems like it’s the most embarrassing thing that can happen during sex. What can I do to stop the farts.”




Dear Simon,

You can’t stop the farts. But the likelihood of you doing one during the middle of anal sex isn’t that high, particularly if you stay away from these foods before having anal sex.

However, with the dick acting as a plunger into your ass, air will creep in and at some point that air has to come out. It’s just all part of the butt sex thing and the best thing to do is either laugh it off or just ignore it. Your top will most likely be totally engrossed with what he’s doing that he won’t notice and if he’s totally grossed out by your bottom rasp then maybe he needs to reconsider his sex role.

how can i stop farts during anal sex

So stop worrying, as worrying will only cause you to tense up and being tense (down there) during sex is not a good thing. Don’t compare your sex life to that of what you see in porn, where tops are able to stick their dicks in straight away, they always have hard cocks and bottoms can take a pounding for what seems like hours on end and never fart. Sex in real life can be messy, can take lots of time and can be very funny. So relax. If you need tips on how to be clean during anal sex try out these suggestions if you want to know about what type of lube for anal is the best click here.

Just make sure you’re ready, use lots of lube and have fun.

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