cheerful woman with cat on window with vintage turntable
Troupe or truth?

The association between lesbians and cats is a stereotype that has been perpetuated in popular culture for many years. The origins of this trope are not definitively traced to one specific source, but it has been reinforced and popularised through various media representations.

Here are a few factors that may have contributed to the lesbian and cats stereotype:

  1. Cultural Depictions: Cats have often been portrayed as independent, free-spirited animals in literature, art, and media. Lesbians, too, have been depicted as independent and strong-willed, creating a potential association.
  2. Comedic Stereotypes: In comedy, stereotypes are sometimes used for humour. The idea of a single woman living with her cats has been a comedic trope for a long time, and this may have influenced the stereotype.
  3. Internet Memes and Trends: In the age of the internet, memes and trends can quickly spread and reinforce stereotypes. Images, jokes, and content associating lesbians with cats have circulated online.
  4. Visibility of Lesbians in Media: Lesbians have historically been underrepresented in mainstream media. When they are depicted, the portrayal might rely on simplified or exaggerated characteristics, leading to the reinforcement of stereotypes.

It’s crucial to approach stereotypes critically and recognize that individuals, including lesbians, are diverse with a wide range of interests and preferences.

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While some lesbians may love cats, it is not a universal trait, and assumptions based on stereotypes can perpetuate misconceptions.

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