Social distancing will change the bar experience

Drinkers will find that going for a pint at many of the Country’s bars will be a very different experience to what they’re accustomed to, when pubs and bars are allowed to reopen this weekend in England.

G-A-Y owner Jeremy Joseph has opened up his doors to give fans of the popular bar a one minute guided tour around his flagship drinking hole in London’s Soho.

From the outside, it doesn’t look like much has changed, except with the introduction of a hand sanitizer station at the entrance, but as the camera ventures into the bar, COVID secure provisions have clearly been introduced.

Ⓒ G-A-Y / Facebook

Aimed at keeping both staff and customers safe, perspex glass now separates bar staff from drinkers and even more, perspex separates customers from each other in the seating area in their own “social bubbles”.

Only two people from each party will be permitted to go to the bar at anyone time. Their friends will have to wait in the “social bubble” area. Music will also be set at a level where drinkers will not have to raise their voices.

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The additions to the bar were met with a variety of reactions, with many praising the actions of G-A-Y, with one commenter adding, “there’s not gonna be loud music and thats the best bit” and another wishing the staff “good luck for the big reopening”.

Other however weren’t pleased with some of the changes, one user wrote, “glad we went a few times before a new era” while anothered wrote, “No thanks I’ll party at home. Less rules. I ain’t getting thrown out for walking the wrong way to the bar. Bar staff can’t hear your drink order normally what chance do they have with a screen in the way”

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